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Signs, Wonders, miracles and testimonies

We are at the threshold of a powerful spiritual awakening where signs, wonders, and miracles will become commonplace, where the supernatural will become natural, the ordinary, extraordinary, and the impossible, possible, in every circumstance, and all the time!  We are seeing a global awakening and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, and His supernatural works by those who have been touched by God and are living for Him.

Acts 2:17-19. `And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out  My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams, and on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; and they shall prophesy.  I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath: blood and fire and vapor of smoke.

Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:7, 8).
God’s healing anointing is flowing, the revival winds are blowing, and God’s people are on fire for Him!

Holy Spirit—bold witnesses who confirm His Word: “And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following” (Mark 16:20).

Why did Jesus perform Signs and Wonders?

John 4: 48. Then Jesus said to him, "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.''

 John 20:30 -31. And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.

GOD Healed me From Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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Churches or Ministries that have healing ministries where they believe in the full gospel and gifts of the Holy Sprit.


Spirit of  Glory Ministries, Inc

Austin, Texas


River of Life Ministries, Inc.

Virginia Beach, VA


Church of the Hills

Austin, Texas


Bethel Church

Redding Ca.


Stand Firm World Ministries

Amarillo, Texas


Matt Sorger Ministries

Selden, NY


Extreme Prophetic

Maricopa, Arizona



Spirit of Glory Ministries, Inc.



Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles


Martha - Healed from CHF. Letter from Martha, I was diagosed with conjestive heart failure on June 18th, 2009. On November 2, 2009 I was told that my heart is functioning well. This was confirmed with an echocardiogram on November 23, 2009. Thank you for your prayers. God is forever faithful. Amen


Jim - Healed, no surgery. On a recent Sunday morning a woman came into Church of the Hills; she and her husband have been visiting for several weeks.  The wife, Mary, who works with Fred Huber went straight to Fred to share that her husband was in the hospital with a heart condition.   Fred introduced Mary to us and then asked if we would go with him and Gail to the hospital afterwards to pray for her husband, Jim.  Since Dennis had a miraculous healing of his heart, we wanted to see God do it again.   We asked Mary if visiting Jim would be ok; she was really happy that we would take the time to do this.  The four of us left for Round Rock Hospital right after service to visit Jim and Mary.  Jim then shared the difficulties he was going through.  He told us he was having trouble breathing and his heart had been racing.  He said they had put a temporary pace maker in his chest with a surgery scheduled for a permanent pace maker.   Dennis gave his testimony of how God healed his heart of CHF as well as damage from a stroke.  Dennis then asked Jim if we could pray for him.  Dennis began and then each of us shared words for Jim; all the while the temperature in the room rose immensely.  We also had the privilege to pray for his wife, Mary.   Both Jim and Mary were touched deeply.   Jim said he felt warm and a little better.  They both seemed a bit more peaceful as we were leaving.  We told them we expected a good report and that we believed he was healed.  Jim smiled and nodded.


Well, two days later Fred gets word from Mary and shares the news that Jim was doing much better; that the scheduled surgery had been cancelled and he was released from the hospital.   We saw Jim and Mary the following Sunday in church and he said he was feeling fine believing that God had done what we asked Him to do.  Jim is healed!!! J

Glory to God!


Healed From Broken Bones in Wrist

In the class where I was working there was a teacher who had her wrist and hand in a brace.  She was explaining that the doctors said she broke all the small bones in her wrist and that she had to wear the brace constantly until healed.  She said it was hot and uncomfortable and that her wrist and hand were still in a lot of pain.  I asked God to open an opportunity to pray for her.  It was not easily available because in this particular class we work one on one with the students.  But God is so faithful, He allowed her and I to be on the playground together.  This young lady came over to me and put her hand in front of me saying it was really hurting and uncomfortable.  I laid my hand on hers and told her I was sorry that it was hurting her and in my head began praying for the Lord to touch her.   She pulled her hand back and said “wow, it is tingling, would you do that again?”  I laid my hand back on hers and this time asked the Lord audibly to heal her hand.  She said it felt warm and really tingly.   She pulled off the brace and began moving her fingers and said she had not been able to do that for several weeks now, then she took her thumb and touched each one of her fingers and said she had not been able to move her thumb without pain, but there was no pain now.  She was so excited, asked me to pray again and then thanked me for praying for her.  I just told her that it was just Jesus showing her how much he loves her.  She smiled.


Miracles Spirit of Glory have witnessed or have been a part of:


Harry at 83 healed from Cancer:

I just returned from a visit with my oncologist who gave me an update on my Cat Scan of March the 3rd.  It appears that all the nodules witnessed in my previous three Cat Scans have disappeared.  She was quite confused about this and is requesting an addendum to the report focusing on that area. 


The known tumor in my abdomen has not changed at all, confirming the fact that there is zero growth.  The small pools of fluid (ascites) that were so prevalent throughout the abdominal region are now only visible in the lower pelvic region.  It is through the ascites that this cancer spreads.


My heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and my liver show no evidence of nodules, pleural masses or effusions.  This means they are normal.


My oncologist appeared to be confused about my progress and has scheduled me for an additional Cat Scan in mid-July. 


God bless you, one and all!



Beverly Healed from Stage 4B cancer:

Letter from Bill:

I can’t thank you both enough for your concern, your prayers, and your positive belief that Beverly could survive her Stage 4B cancer.   The doctors gave her a 10-15% chance to survive three years – and she has beaten those odds handily.  According to yesterday’s test results, she is cancer-free.  I’m a positive person who believes in miracles, but I’ve had some doubts along the way, because her case had been so dire. 


Again, bless your heart for your prayer circle.  Chalk up another win for the power of prayer.


Delivered from alcohol and drugs:

Testimony from Nancy:

I have to tell you what happened to me since Sept.  I am delivered from alcohol and drugs and I straighten out and finally in July got a permanent position with great benefits. So I go to the doctor for blood pressure meds b/c of my weight gain.  The doctor wrote the prescription for Norvacs and when i dropped it off at the pharmacy they read it wrong and thought it said Norco which is generic hydro codeine. I sorta thought that was funny when I looked at the bottle but thought that is what the doctor ordered. So then another refill in Nov. I called the doctor one day and asked if I could get a higher dose b/c my blood pressure is still really high. They said you are on the highest dosage. I carefully watched what i ate. Complained of dizziness which I thought came along with the menopause. Whoa is me!  So the refill last week was to call the doctor and when they called the pharmacy that is how we found out I was on pain killers! The nurse had called me and

asked me why I was talking pain killers and i said that is what it says on the bottle!  So then pharmacy waived the new blood meds and I talked to the corporate office. I have heard of that happening and it happened to me. BUT the best news is that I got the Victory because Satan hits us in our weakest spots and I am not addicted and nothing happened to me! Praise God!  He is good!


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Healed:

Letter Form Amanda:

In early May 2007 my vision suddenly went double. I went to the eye doctor and they told me that my left eye's outer muscle wasn't working properly.

They weren't sure what was causing it, so they ordered some blood tests and an MRI. I called my dad in TX, who is currently working with Dennis and Tami from Spirit of Glory, and told him what was happening. He told me that they would pray for my eye. In the meantime I went to get my MRI. My eye was about 95% better within 6 days and 100% better within 10 days.

My doctors were surprised by this because double vision usually doesn't heal itself that quickly. But, my MRI came back and my eye doctor as well as my general doctor told me I was in the beginning stages of Multiple Sclerosis and that they wanted me to go to a neurologist who could diagnosis what type of MS I had.  Once again I told my dad, and he said Dennis and Tami were still praying for me.

I went to the neurologist about three weeks later and she shockingly told me she didn't think I had MS. Long story short she said the spots on my brain were very small and that they could have been from an injury etc. She said there was no way she could diagnose me with MS for several reasons, but that looking further into my diplopic was important. So, she ordered a bunch of blood tests to check for everything from diabetes, lupus, lyme disease, vitamin deficiency, etc. etc. and a second, more advanced MRI of my brain.

I asked her what my chances were that it was just a fluke occurrence and, of course being a doctor, she said it would be highly unlikely, but nothing is ever impossible.

I called my dad and he told me that Dennis and Tami had predicted the week before that the neurologist would say that I don't have MS. But that they were going to keep praying for my health and for me to be disease free.

My blood tests all came back normal and so did my second MRI. Now I have to get 2 spinal MRI's. If both of those come back clean, I am in the clear for good health. With Spirit of Glory behind me the whole way, I am confident that they will find nothing and I will get a clean bill of health.

I do believe in the power of prayer and am so very grateful for wonderful people like Dennis and Tami to help people in need. Words can't express how thankful I am to them for helping my health come back to normal.

Thank you! God Bless!

Leg Injury Healed:

On one Sunday after Church we went to a local restaurant for lunch.  Shortly after we had arrived a young man, his wife and his mother were seated at the table next to us.  He was walking with the assistance of a cane  and was in great pain (as it turned out the cane belonged to his mother).  As he was sitting down we asked him what was wrong with his leg.  He indicated that he injured his leg running a marathon and was planning to see his doctor on Monday, that was why he was using his mother's cane.  We then asked him if we could pray for God to heal his leg, and he said yes.


We laid hands on him and asked God to heal his leg.  After prayer we asked him how his leg felt and he said it felt better and there was no more pain.  We asked him to use his leg without the cane and walk around, as he did he said "Wow, there is no pain" and he could walk with out any assistance.  He sit down and all continued with lunch.


When he was finished with lunch he thanked us and proceeded up a hill out of the restaurant, walking with his wife while his mother was carrying her cane, he didn't need it any longer; because he was healed by the healing touch of God.


Tumor Gone:

During a conference in Nepal the missionary we were traveling with was calling out different ailments and diseases, as he called them out, we prayed for the people in the congregation to be healed.  Close to the end of the conferences a lady came running forward.   She kept touching her neck exclaiming; "I am healed, it is gone, I am healed.".  When we inquired of what it was she had been healed of  she said she had a large tumor on her neck and now it is gone.  The gentleman, one of the men of that church, came forward with her to verify the tumor had been there when she walked in.  God is good!  He healed her!


God Deals in Threes:

The last night of Bill Johnson conference at Church of the Hills, words of knowledge were called during the healing session, including "lower back injury", eye issues and carpal tunnel and along with many others.  One of our friends had all three of these.  She had cataracts, tail bone injury from 30 years ago and carpal tunnel in both arms.  A group of us laid hands on her prayed for her for each injury.  After prayer we had her test her eyes, arms and tail bone and all three were healed.  God is good!  After the conference her husband said it looks like he got a new wife ( in jest).




River of Life Ministries, Inc.



 Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles

Three Blind Men and Others Healed in Nepal:

Earlier this year a group of graduates from River of Life Training Center in Nepal traveled to a predominately Hindu village where they ministered to and presented the gospel of Jesus to the people.  During their visit they experienced 10 miracles; 3 men were blind from birth and were healed and another one crippled from birth was totally healed along with 6 other miracles.


Heart Healed in Myanmar:

Last year during a visit to Yangon a young lady that had just graduated from River of Life training center told us that a year earlier  she had a heart problem and had a very short of time to live.  During that conference (last year) she asked for prayer for healing for her heart.  After the meeting she met with her doctor and was told her heart was healed.


Cancer Healed in Myanmar:

During a conference a lady said she was diagnosed with cancer.  We laid hands on her and prayed for healing, God answered our prayers.  Next day she met with her doctor and was told she no longer had cancer.


Miracle in Bangkok:

Dr Lee of River of Life and I were in Bangkok and having lunch at one of the food courts in a mall.  We were scheduled to leave for Myanmar that evening.  While eating a team of thieves stole my passport portfolio, including my passport, visas and ticket.  We immediately went to security and were shown the video of the crime.   The guards were not able to identify the thief's and suggested we go the police and file a report.


We felt that we should first go the US embassy and get help.  At that time we only had 6 hours before our flights were to leave.  As you may know the population of Bangkok is around 14,000,000 people and the chances of getting my passport back is remote at best. 


We took a taxi to the embassy and during the drive we prayed and commanded the thieves to return my portfolio with every thing in it and return it to the embassy.  When God hears the cries of his children He acts on it.  When we got to the embassy it had been about 2 hours since my passport was stolen.  I spoke with several ladies at the embassy and told them what had happened and they said we had better get you a replacement because nobody recovers a US passport once stolen, because it is so valuable.


I started the process to get a replacement.  I needed to get a passport pictures and file a police report before they could issue my new passport.  I was about to leave to take care of all that when one of the ladies that had I met called me back and said don't leave your passport has been returned.  Apparently the thief threw it down in front of a security guard at a different mall and ran.  The ladies at the US Embassy looked at me and said you must have angles watching over you.  WE DO.


We thanked them for their help and went to the mall to get my passport.  When God restores he restores completely.  Everything was there in my portfolio, everything, passport, tickets and visas.  Praise God!





Church of the Hills



 Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles

Healed Knees & Elbows
March 27, 2007
From Linda Randall
God is AWESOME!!
I slept like a baby, with no discomfort to my knee last night and no pain on rolling over to turn off the alarm this morning. I weighed 2 pounds less this morning (I was pretty sure I felt the fluid drain out of my knee while you all were praying). My knee moves in every direction it is supposed to without pain, and I can put my weight on it without pain!!! I can put my laptop on my lap now without the weight of it causing pain.
I can extend my elbows completely without pain (sometimes a little twinge, but not pain, and they really extend all the way!) They did not hurt when I got up this morning like they have been doing. I was able to unscrew the cap of the Mangosteen juice WITHOUT PAIN; Sunday morning I just had to put the bottle back in the refrigerator when I couldn't open it. Nothing I pick up (like my coffee cup or thermos cup) causes pain any
longer, nor does twisting, turning or squeezing things cause pain. You guys are an awesome conduit of God's power and healing touch. I know I am way different today than yesterday.  Thanks for praying last night and continuing to pray that each hoop I have to jump through to prove that God is mighty to answer prayer, is just another seized opportunity to pray for others in the healthcare system and to be a powerful testimony of what God is doing in me and wants to do in others. You guys are ARMED AND DANGEROUS! This is really exciting!!!


Eyes Healed and More!
February 28, 2007
From Wayne Howerton
January 8, 2007 was the first time I prayed for God to bring healing to someone’s eyes. I prayed for a pastor in Dripping Springs, TX. He does not wear glasses now.  February 9, 2007 I prayed a second time for God to bring healing to someone’s eyes. The Lord had told me to go to Oklahoma to help a Pastor's wife in Canton, Oklahoma with her web site. On the way to Oklahoma, we stopped at a service station just south of Lawton, Oklahoma, while I was paying for a bottle of water, a man behind me was telling someone that he just had eye surgery and they was going to have operate again and he was in a lot of pain. I turned around and asked him if I could pray for him, he said yes. We went to one side of the store and I anointed him and laid hands on him, he kept saying "louder, louder, and louder." Then he said "the pain is gone". The two employees were beside themselves. I do not know who he is or where he was
from, I had never seen him before that time.  February 10, 2007 was my third prayer for healing of eyes and the second pastor. The Lord told me to go to Enid, Oklahoma and there was someone at a church there that I was to pray for. I thought this person was in a wheel chair. When I got to the pastor’s home, I told her what the Lord had told me and she said she was that person and she had been praying for the Lord to send someone. She had a disease that attacks the eyes. So I anointed her and laid hands on her. She said it felt like her eye turned around and then the effected eye started jumping up and down in joy. I have not received any report at this time. If I had been 30 minutes later I would have missed her as they were leaving for Pampa, TX in about 30 minutes. February 11, 2007 the Lord told me to go back to Canton, Oklahoma to Church. Guess what, there was a man in a wheel chair and you know the rest. I understand that he is getting better and is able to get from the chair to his car without help. He had a stroke.  About ten days ago I prayed for a 30 year old woman with cancer, when she went to her doctor, he told her that she does not have cancer anymore. She is the second person that I have prayed for that had cancer and their doctors have told them that they do not have cancer any more.  My wife is putting together a journal to keep a record on what the Lord is doing. The Lord is moving fast in our wives. I have been invited to 4 more churches. Bill Johnson and his books and the anointing that is on them is opening doors every place. I work at a full time job (40 hours per week) and almost 20 + hours working for the Lord. He has blessed me at my job, I have had 3 promotions in 18 months with salary increases to match.


Cancer Gone!
September 26, 2006
From At the Friday night service in August, Amber Solise and I were placed together as prayer partners for the "healing side of the room" if you will. One of the people that came up was Sherry (I didn't get her last name). She said that her physician had found a nodule that was believed to be cancerous. In the midst of her tears, she explained that the news was affecting her husband and family very hard. (Oh yes...Glenna came up and was praying with Amber and I also) The three of us laid hands on her, prayed, and gave her a big hug. It was really overwhelming for me (Amber mentioned the same thing later) to pray for her. It just seems a little easier to have faith for something less...intimidating.  This past Saturday night, the Holy Spirit specifically told me to write down a verse He showed me, to find her, and give it to her at church the next day. The verse was unrelated to cancer. I hadn't seen her since that night,  but I figured I could stand at the exit doors and search for her. Most of the people had left the sanctuary, but still no Sherry. I kind of gave up and figured I would try again the next week. I noticed it later, but I was searching  for her in the same blue shirt she had worn that night. ????  Why would she be wearing it a month later??? I  don't know. "Well that's silly!" I thought. I made my way up the middle aisle and began to talk to Toni Sleeper, when her she comes walking up towards me, in the same blue shirt and all!  gave her the verse and then ask her how she was doing. After I had done that, I truly expected her to say something like "Well, I'm doing okay...I know God is good...I'm still believing for a miracle.." (or something to that effect). Instead, she said that another CAT scan was done and there was no cancer! She said the Doctors were not sure if it was a shadow that they originally saw, if they were mistaken in their original diagnosis, or what, but that the nodule was not there!!!! I just about broke out into tears and gave her a big hug! God is so good! It was so encouraging to Amber and I! A major faith booster!
Kate Chevaliernn


From Barbara Daniels
March 24, 2006

Deaf in one ear
At a conference in Dallas recently there was a women sitting in front of me that was deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other. Earlier in the session I was drawn to this family (probably because they had a little boy about the age of my oldest) and was already praying for them. So, at the end of the session when the speaker asked that we pray for someone around us who needed healing I immediately felt I should pray for her. While I was praying I physically felt something come on me (on reflection I realized it was the gift of faith) and I looked her straight in the eye and told her that God was going to heal her! As her little boy and I prayed for her she actually got worse! I was excited for two reasons. One, I knew that she wouldn't just be "nice" and tell me it was better and two, God was doing something! The speaker encouraged additional prayer for those who hadn't received complete healing. Another woman joined us and was praying for her while I felt God tell me to have the little boy pray something specific. I leaned down and told him to pray that his mommy's ears would "pop". As soon as he prayed her ears "popped" and she could hear clearly! After we all cried tears of joy the father told me that the little boy had prayed for his mommy the night before and was so disappointed that she wasn't healed that morning. What was so exciting to me was that God used this little boy in such a significant way honoring his faithful prayers!

From Barbara Daniels
March 24, 2006

Deaf in one ear
At a conference in Dallas recently there was a women sitting in front of me that was deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other. Earlier in the session I was drawn to this family (probably because they had a little boy about the age of my oldest) and was already praying for them. So, at the end of the session when the speaker asked that we pray for someone around us who needed healing I immediately felt I should pray for her. While I was praying I physically felt something come on me (on reflection I realized it was the gift of faith) and I looked her straight in the eye and told her that God was going to heal her! As her little boy and I prayed for her she actually got worse! I was excited for two reasons. One, I knew that she wouldn't just be "nice" and tell me it was better and two, God was doing something! The speaker encouraged additional prayer for those who hadn't received complete healing. Another woman joined us and was praying for her while I felt God tell me to have the little boy pray something specific. I leaned down and told him to pray that his mommy's ears would "pop". As soon as he prayed her ears "popped" and she could hear clearly! After we all cried tears of joy the father told me that the little boy had prayed for his mommy the night before and was so disappointed that she wasn't healed that morning. What was so exciting to me was that God used this little boy in such a significant way honoring his faithful prayers!





Bethel Church



 Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles

About 30 minutes into the event there was news that a woman had been healed before she even came into the meeting. She had MS for 20 years, had been bound to her wheelchair but after receiving prayer, was up and running around. They finally just took her wheelchair out to the car and she came into theCall on her own.


A year ago we prayed for a woman whose husband had cancer in the liver. This year she came to us with copies of x-rays that showed the liver swollen with a tumor from a year ago and then the current report where the liver had shrunk to its normal size and her husband was completely healed!


HEALING SKIN CANCER One woman had skin cancer resulting in open sores and as she received prayer the sores stopped bleeding and began to heal.


SPINE STRAIGHTENED One man had a severe curvature of the spine his whole life causing his feet to point out. After receiving prayer, his feet came into alignment and his spine straightened.


Excerpts from the book; "Heaven Invades Earth" by Bill Johnson

Moving Out of Conviction

     "That same collision between light and darkness happens when the sick are healed.  Walter had experienced two strokes in the previous year, which left him without feeling on the entire right side of his body.  He showed me a horrible burn on his arm that he had suffered, not knowing he was being burned.  Conviction, one of the words used to detect faith, began to burn in my heart.  While he was still talking I began to pray for him with my hand on his shoulder.  I had to do so quickly.  I had become aware of the Kingdom where no numbness existed.  I didn't want to become more aware of how severe his problem was.  My prayer went something like this:  "Father, this was Your idea. You commanded us to pray for things to be here as they are in heaven, and I know there is no numbness there, so there shouldn't be any here.  So I command in the name of Jesus for the nerve endings to come to life.  I command full restoration of feeling in this body." 

     Soon after I started to pray he told me that he felt my hand on his shoulder and could even feel the fabric on my shirt with his right hand. That world began to collide with the world of numbness.  Numbness lost. 

     Faith is the key to discovering the superior nature of the invisible realm.  It is the 'gift of God"  within to uncover."


A Superior Reality

     "Faith grabs hold of the reality of the Kingdom and forcefully and violently brings it into a collision with this natural one. 

     One of the more common things people tell me when I'm about to pray for their healing is, 'I know God can do'.  So does the devil.  At best that is hope...not faith.  Faith knows He will.

     For one who has faith, there is nothing impossible.  There are no impossibilities when there is faith...and there are no exceptions.

     Sheri, for instance, came forward for prayer after a wonderful meeting just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.  She had suffered with Lupus for 24 years, the last four of which had gone into Pulmonary Hypertension.  It has gotten so bad that she had to have an aluminum shunt placed into her heart.  To this a pump was attached, which supplied the needed medication to keep her alive.  Her doctor told her that without this medication she could live for only three minutes.

     When she walked up to me I actually felt a presence of something I had never felt in that measure before.  It was faith.  I actually stood back and stared at her for a few moments realizing that I was seeing something completely new for me.  As she received prayer, she fell to the ground under the power of God.  When she got up I asked her how she was doing.  She described a heat that was on her chest.  (Heat often accompanies God's healing touch.)  As she left I told her, your faith got you this one! 

     That was Saturday night.  At 7a.m. that following morning the Lord spoke to her saying she didn't need the medication any more.  So she removed it.  She showed up 14 hours later giving testimony of God's wonderful healing power. 

     She has since had the aluminum shunt removed-she doesn't need it anymore!"


When God Colors Outside the Line

     "His world has been breaking into ours with regularity in salvations, healings, and deliverances.  The manifestations of that invasion vary.  They are quite fascinating, and too numerous to catalog.  While some are difficult to understand at first glance, we know that God always works redemptively.

     On many occasions laughter has filled a room, bringing healing to broken hearts.  Gold dust sometimes covers people's faces, hands, or clothing during worship or ministry time.  Oil sometimes appears on the hands of His people; and it especially happens among children.  A wind has come into a room with no open windows, doors, vents, etc.  At some locations, believers have seen an actual cloud of His presence appearing over the heads of worshipping people.  We've also had the fragrance of heaven fill a room.  In my own experience the fragrance of heaven filled our car while Beni and I were worshipping on a short trip.  It lasted for about 30 minutes, and was a smell that I could actually taste, similar to granules of sugar sprinkled on my tongue.  I have seen the small gems that suddenly appeared in people's hands as they worshiped God.  Since early in 1998 we have had feathers fall in our meetings.  At first I thought birds were getting into our air conditioning ducts.  But then they started falling in other rooms of the church not connected with the same ductwork.  They now fall most anywhere we go- airports, homes, restaurants, offices, and the like.

     I mention this phenomenon because it seems to offend many that fully embrace this move of God.  Jerrel Miller, editor of The Remnant, a newspaper whose purpose is to record the events surrounding this revival, took a lot of heat when he reported this unusual manifestation.  Those who criticized his report are participants in this revival.  It's easy once we've made some adjustments in our belief system about what God can and will do to think that we have stretched far enough.  "Our beliefs now encompass the move of God."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Like the generations before us they are dangerously close to regulating God's work by a new and revised list of acceptable manifestations.  No longer is it just tears during a special song or a time of repentance following a moving sermon.  Our new list includes falling, shaking, laughter, etc.  The problem is- it is still a list.  And God will violate it.  He must.  We must learn to recognize His move by recognizing His presence.  Our lists are only good for revealing our present understanding or experience.  While I don't seek to promote strange manifestations, or go after novelty, I do refuse to be embarrassed over what God is doing.  The list that keeps us from certain types of errors also keeps us from certain types of victories."


A Final Lesson From A Child

    "In a recent meeting on the coast of northern California we had a remarkable level of breakthrough in the miraculous, especially for North America.  Darkness, blindness, arthritis, and many other afflictions were healed through God's saving grace.  There were between 40 and 50 healings in this meeting of about 200 people, as Jesus once again demonstrated His dominion over all things. 

     One notable miracle happened to a three-year-old boy named Chris, who had clubfeet.  He had sores on the tops of his feet where they would rub on the carpet in his effort to walk.  When those in attendance were released to pray for the sick, several from our team gathered around this child.  Immediately, God began to touch him.  When they were through praying, they put him down on the floor.  For the first time in his life his feet were flat on the ground!  He stared in amazement at his feet, reaching down he touched the sores.  One of his little friends whispered to him, "Run!"

     He suddenly took off and ran in a circle exclaiming, "I can run!"  Needless to say there was much rejoicing in the house that night.

     We returned home and watched the video of that evening over and over again.  We were so thrilled with the miracle that it took us awhile to notice that Chris was intently trying to tell us something.  My wife, who was holding the camera, had asked him, "What happened to you?"

     Looking in to the camera, he answered saying, "Jesus big!  Jesus big!" 

     In our excitement, we unknowingly changed the subject and asked about his feet.  Those who saw the miracle gave us the details.  But as we watched the tape, we heard his testimony, "Jesus big!  Jesus big!"  The only thing we can figure is that he had an encounter with Jesus who came and healed him."



Stand Form World Ministries



Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles

Deaf Ears Healed

Lisa came up for prayer for a deaf ear that was the cause of a previous sinus infection. She had actually lost all of the hearing in her ear from the infections months ago. As Keith prayed for her she literally began crying and shouting "I can hear you". The congregation broke out with great thanksgiving to the Lord.


From Pastor Greg:

Diabetes Healed

One lady who had diabetes saw a ball of fire about the size of a soft ball enter her abdominal region as you were praying for her. She later found out from her physician that the location where she saw the fire is where her pancreas is located. She was healed of diabetes from that night on.

From Pastor Greg:

Bi-Polar Healed
One man who was diagnosed as bi-polar, responded to a word of knowledge Keith had concerning individuals with bi-polar disorder. He was healed and His psychiatrist pronounced him cured and said he didn't need to see him or any other psychiatrist any more


Neck Pain Gone

I had pain here and there from my neck to my back for five to six years now. I was standing near my seat when you called out for healing from the neck to the back. I felt the white hot healing power of the lord go up in my back and neck; the pain was suddenly gone.


Tent Revival

And the Glory fell. A woman was healed from a blocked ear; pain disappeared from bodies, necks, backs and heart conditions were instantly healed. Eyesight was restored Cancer was rebuked. "The church is being hit with the former and the latter rain." There's going to be a generation that walks out of a fullness of Ephesians 3:16?.Embracing the full measure of the unlimited realm of God in their lives - He is looking for a generation that will walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I Corinthians 2:4, and John 17 were amplified, through Keith's dynamic teaching: Honor those who went before us, embrace those truths...dig those wells deeper.



Matt Sorger Ministries



 Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles


To God be the glory! My name is Pastor Maria R. I saw your ministry on TV for the first time on Memorial Day. I tapped into the anointing and the glory that was pouring out of you. I placed my hands on my daughter because her whole body was aching with parts swollen, and she was healed of all her aches. Please agree with me in prayer for God to pour forth that same glory and anointing in my church services in Jesus’ name.
Maria - Sharon Hill, PA



I was surfing Youtube and MySpace one day and came across one of your videos. As I watched in amazement I was so blessed and started to weep and worship God. I have watched just about all of the videos I could online. One of these days I want to volunteer at one of your revival conferences. I need some change in my life. I need the power of GOD in my life and the anointing on my life. I need the touch of God on my life. I realize I can't survive without it. I desire to walk in that same kind of anointing on my life. I desire for the power of GOD to explode in my life, so I can impact my nation for the Kingdom of GOD.
Tiffany - Bahamas



On July 7th as I tuned into God TV, Matt Sorger was talking about a wilderness experience which I myself was going through. He was talking how to respond to it and that was just what I needed at that moment. Thank you for your program on God TV. God bless you.
Preeti - Dubai, Dubai



Just watched the new Power for Life!!!! Loved that minister! I could not stop smiling! That has God's heart written all over it!!!! Let it spread!



Thank you for praying for me on Sid Roth's program (IT’S SUPERNATURAL!). I was healed of low back problems! I did not know what caused it since I do not have insurance I am a former missionary to Israel. You even gave out the cause of the lower back illness! Thank you and blessings to you Matt and your ministry.
Luminita (means little light in Romanian) - Romania




I had cervical neck damage from a car accident.  It got healed after a word of knowledge was given.  An inguinal hernia I had was also healed.
Linda C. - VA



The abdominal pain I had is all gone!
Fannie S. - VA



I had ringing in my ears.  It is gone.
Anne F. - VA


I had asthma and now I can breathe.
Cathy M.


My left knee gave me problems.  Now I have strength in my left knee.
Carol G.



I had multiple sprains in my ankle.  Today I felt the Lord say to take off the soft cast the doctor said I needed to be healed.  But the Lord healed me instantly.
Damis T. - FL



I had Arthritis. When I was prayed for at the conference it got so much better.
Irene - Wiarton, Canada



I had been in a car accident and had swelling in my left side. I got prayed for at the conference and the swelling is now completely gone.
Yvonne - Canada



I had cysts and a tumor. I also had problems with my back. I had gone to the doctor for my back and the cysts. I was prayed for at the conference and I felt warmth in my neck and my hips felt a pressure turning them into the right position. My back is still moving. In my womb there was a warmth and a pressure. I felt something being removed.
Joy-Lynn  - Barrie, Canada



I had Bronchial Asthma. I had gone to the doctor and they suggested treatment - use of inhalers. In the service, I began choking, had difficulty breathing, but it felt like God reached His hand into me and pulled the Asthma out.
Irene - Chatsworth, Canada



I had sciatic pain. The doctors can't do anything about it. At the conference a word of knowledge was called out for sciatic nerve, and I just knew that it was for me. I started thanking God for it and all the pain disappeared.
Peter - Holyrood, Canada



I had narrow tubes in my inner ear. It was too narrow for proper draining and hearing. It caused constant popping and clouded hearing. The doctors had said that there was no treatment or cure for it. At the conference I turned my head to the side and felt physically warm oil poured into my ear. I experienced the same thing on the other side. I can now breathe through my nose without my ears popping. I can also swallow and sing without popping. I have better hearing. It is clearer. I also received deliverance tonight. I was set free from suicide and self-mutilation. I was asking God tonight, before I was asked to come to the front, to set me free fully and finally from all the garbage and lies about who I am, from self hatred and bad cruel thoughts toward myself. I've been in process and to a great degree have been healed and set free. It seemed always though that there was still something hanging on inside. When Kim and Matt prayed for me I physically felt a hot encompassing feeling inside of me. After I felt released from that thing.
Valerie - Owen Sound, Canada





Extreme Prophetic



Recent Signs, Wonders, Miracles

Deafness healed X5
At an evening meeting in Stockton California, we were ministering at the altar. The healing presence of Jesus began to move powerfully amongst the people. One woman asked for prayer for deafness. She was almost completely deaf in one ear. As we prayed the ear opened. She felt it pop and began to scream with excitement, "I'm healed, I can hear!". Following that, 4 other people with various hearing problems were also healed in addition to 3 with asthma. God is a healing God!

Patricia King


Healed of Cancer
I was in a meeting one night feeling very weak and sick. I was scheduled for surgery for cancer the following week. Patricia gave a word of knowledge regarding someone with cancer who was booked for surgery and said that the Lord was going to heal them. After receiving prayer I went home. Before surgery the following week I was re-examined and tested by the doctors. The cancer was gone -- all of it!!! It is now 1 year later and it is still gone!

Jenny, Missouri


Barreness healed
A Moslem woman in Albania had been barren for 12 years of her married life. This was a disgrace to her family and she was very ashamed. Her father (also Moslem) who had been healed the day before from a chronic arthritic condition asked us to pray to the same Jesus who healed him. We shared for a while and then prayed to the Lord. I was given a word of knowledge that in 1 year she would have a child. I declared the word and told her that Jesus Christ was the One who would open her womb and asked her if she would dedicate the baby to Him if this miracle took place. She agreed. We prayed and returned to Canada....within one year, I received a letter in the mail with a picture of the most precious little baby -- the miracle baby...dedicated to Jesus Christ. They kept their promise regarding the baby's dedication, yet they themselves had not come into full faith yet.

Patricia King


Chest Pain Gone!
I was watching Extreme Prophetic Television online. I had been suffering with tightness across my chest and was getting concerned. All of a sudden there was a word of knowledge regarding someone with chest pain and tightness and how the Lord was healing them. Right at that moment, I felt heat go through my chest. The tightness left and I have had no pain since then.

Shelly Brandon